Corporate Values

  1. Vision Statement:

            To be the leading partner in operating business support services in Nigeria, offering        value and innovative       solutions to indigenous corporate needs.


  1. Mission Statement:

            To best every opportunity;

                     i.            Building confidence and excellence through high level commitment in service and protecting the interest of clients, partners and stakeholders.

                    ii.            Promote best business practice with well-designed systems and team-work that can support corporate goals and growth.


Okelco Global Resources Limited was incorporated in Nigeria on 10th June, 2002, with the goal of providing excellent and reliable Logistics, Procurement and Facility Maintenance services.

With over twelve years in operation, the company has gained valuable knowledge, structure and competence, evident in our service delivery capacity designed to meet and best expectations of our clients.

We adopt a work approach that aims to add value to business and organizations having both long and short term relations with us, by handling every engagement specific to the needs and capacity of our client, whilst constantly reviewing our operations to meet Best Industry Practice requirements and project goals. 

With a careful analysis of strengths, challenges and existing opportunities which features in today’s business helps us identify where key factors such as: timing, resource management, technical competence, experience and creativity play major roles in giving us an advantage. To achieve this, we work closely with our clients, stakeholder, partners and industry regulators, to ensure all procedures and operating systems are up-to-date, adequately supervised and function effectively. This also helps to safeguard the likelihood of underperformance at any point and to ensure excellence, winning client’s confidence.

Our policy is to build personnel for both present and future opportunities, focusing first in areas that are directly related to immediate operations, whilst investing in areas that can support the ultimate aim of the organization, which is growth.

Our services offer opportunities in Logistics Management, OEM Supply/ Materials Procurement, Freight Management services, Warehousing, Facility Maintenance (Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Structures) and as key service providers in Oil and Gas Industry, we believe that by consistently investing in well-designed technologies, personnel and operating systems, we meet unique needs of our clients.

Okelco Global Resources Limited has its operating office in Port Harcourt and Lagos, Nigeria.