Corporate Policies and Systems

a)      Health, Safety, Security And Environment (HSSE):

In carrying out our services, it is our policy to attach the utmost importance to the health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors and third parties. The company has a legal and moral responsibility to safeguard its employees and public at large from injury or risk to health arising from any operations associated with its business. Ultimate responsibility for the implementation of safety policy rests with the management and the supervisory staff.

As an essential part of the company’s policy, all employees are made aware of their individual legal and contractual obligations to achieving Goal Zero Incidence in all our operations and services. In particular, they must at all times,

ü  Observe all safety regulations

ü  Take all reasonable care for their own safety and safety of others and to use all safety equipment provided

ü  Do nothing liable to cause injury to themselves or others

ü  Report promptly any accident that do occur and also potential hazards

b)     Local Content Development:

As an essential tool for development and capacity building, training is unarguably, one of the most effective strategies in the developing competent resource personnel, building collective corporate vision and right staff motivation. Thus, it becomes a building tool for personnel and firm, enhancing high morale and high productivity. 

Our focus here is to make our staff the best in their chosen fields, by not only training them but, also follow through on their progress whilst providing post-training support/ mentoring programs. The end value of this exercise is to bring value to the quality of service we provide our clients with better-motivated and proficient personnel as a key indicator of our service.

c)      Competence:

Okelco Global Resources Limited has been involved in diverse kinds of projects within its fields of endeavor. With a focus on the Oil and Gas sector, we have especially been involved in delivering strategic business and operations support activities for over ten (10) years in service.

Within this period, the firm has distinguished itself by the quality and reliability of its services.