Procurement & Material Supply Chain Management

Okelco Global Resourses Limitedhave qualified and experienced team of personnel that boasts its Procurement and Material Supply Chain Management Services, making it a key product of the company’s business. Here, we ensure purchase of goods and services at the best possible price to meet client’s standard and interests in terms of quality, quantity, dimensions and on-time delivery.

We represent value for every one unit of capital spent, not only in delivering Construction, Maintenance, Repair and Operational (CMRO) materials, but also on complex infrastructural projects items. Materials groups dealt with are:

         i.            Office Equipments: Such as;

      Office Electronics and spare parts

      Computer equipments & supplies

      General consumables

      Safety equipments and parts


       ii.            Oil & Gas Servicing Tools:

      Actuators, solenoid valves, locking devices etc.

      Control valves and reducers

      Line pipes, flanges, fittings etc

      Small engineered equipments

      Injectors & ejectors

      Hoses & couplings

      Level measurement equipments & flow control meters

     iii.            Building Materials

      Sharp Sand


      Iron rods


     iv.            Others:

      Fire fighting equipments


      Bolts, Nuts,

      Chains, shackles, and anchors

      Gaskets and all other pipe sealing and gasket related materials.

Having gained experience, competence and knowledge in delivering supply services, Okelco Global Resourses Limited have the vantage in understanding client’s requirements to make certain high standard of excellence and ethical conduct is maintained in our operations.


As an independent organization providing logistics Services, we act for and on behalf of both local and multinational clients in several segments, such as:        

  1. Desk/ Field expediting
  2. Shipping from manufacturer to clients storage facilities, warehouses, and project sites,
  3. “Door-to-Door” Office/ Personal Effects move,
  4. Third Party Inspection,
  5. Temporary Storage and Repacking,
  6. Warehouse Control; and
  7. Haulage/ Transport Management services

Our services requires us to work with our clients to establish critical timeframes, budgetary, Scope of Work parameters and safety concerns of personnel, assets and facilities at all times.

Big IdeasWith a competitive advantage that rests on our key representations worldwide and ability to intimately understand and anticipate our customers' needs, we provide tailored solutions to logistics requirements. Clients with many and varied logistics requirements trust us with everything from specialist tool moves to complete factory relocations, whatever the size or complexity of the project, we work closely to provide bespoke services.

This success is achieved, first, by employing trained and qualified professionals to carefully review, plan and execute our projects. We adopt innovative and best industry work methods that can only add excellent and reliable value to service delivery.

Emphasis on proper work methods is implemented. Proper packaging and handling of goods and documentations, tracking, labeling and move of delicate materials, using best packing materials, such as vapor barrier bagging, foam cushioning, floating deck bases, proper weight support and distribution, internal bracing and securing, and utilization of shock watches; all benchmarked to meet international standards as required in logistics service delivery.


 Facility Maintenance:

 Okelco Global Resourses Limited Facility Maintenance Services (FMS) offers strategic solutions in:

                    i.            Facility/ Resource Management

      Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Structural Maintenance

      Equipment Change/ Turnaround

      Environmental Resource/ Waste Management

      Facility Management Consultancy

Here, we aim to achieve a single and fundamental objective through all our Facility Management, Maintenance and Consultancy services – maximizing performance of our clients’ facilities. Whether we are finding efficiencies with your building’s systems or providing interim management of day-to-day operating equipments, we are always focus on getting the best out of your assets and helping you to reach your corporate objectives. Other areas covered in our work scope includes: regular routine inspection, identification and rectification of equipment defects, OEM relations/interface management.

Our Facility Management Consultancy service covers: facility management review, facility audit/condition survey and life cycle asset development. It also involves budgeting, planning, executing, reporting and review of the facility maintenance functions.

These services embody key life activities of any organization. As it relates to three key areas of business operations: Man, Material (Equipment) and Money, adopting innovative and cost saving solutions to ensure befalls an essential need to enhancing long-term profitability of each business. This can be implemented by combining planned solutions with practical know-how.


Human Resource Management/ Manpower Supply:

Okelco Global Resources Limited has systems for sourcing, recruiting and short-listing personnel for clients. We have a well built Curriculum Vitae database; the company maintains a prime reputation as a leading Manpower resourcing, management and solution company. We, therefore, have been able to convert client satisfaction to repeat business, and continue to do so. Amongst other unique capabilities, resources and products developed over time, the firm has the financial capabilities necessary for the effective and efficient delivery of this demanding outsourced service. Building on this, therefore, the firm maintains solid relationships with elite Nigerian banks (see ‘FINANCE’ section).


Our value proposition is to optimize the core operations of our clients—through a cost effective approach to managing both permanent and casual workforce to be more effective and enjoyable, on and off work. We emphasize a good work-life balance and adopt a unique speed of response premised on our systems which clearly positions us as one of the key suppliers of choice within the industry as a whole.

We believe that by this approach, we deliver premium value to all stakeholders, especially in the capacity building potential offered Nigerian staff, emphasizing the Nigerian Government’s tilt towards local content development. We, therefore, pride ourselves in the “creation of opportunities”.

IT Support, Managed Services & Consulting

At Okelco Global Resources Limited we know every business's technology needs are different and having the right IT support in place is mission-critical. Whether you have just a few employees, hundreds or even thousands; we can design an IT management strategy that's right for your organization. The majority of our small to mid-size customers go with a managed services agreement where we becomes their IT department for a fixed monthly price. Give our support team a try risk free for 30 days to discover if we are the right fit for your organization. Our IT Managed Service Offering Includes:
24/7/365 Monitoring & Support
Unified Security Management
Data Backup & Business Continuity
Cloud Application Services
IT Consulting, Hourly Support & Projects
On-Site Emergency Response .